Welcome to the Global Leadership & Engagement Program

Welcome to GLE Community!

Welcome to GLE 2017!

We are happy to extend you an invitation to the Spring 2017 Global Leadership & Engagement Program in Silicon Valley! This year's participants come from a number of places, including Hong Kong, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

We are glad we had the opportunity to talk to each other during the interview, and we are truly looking forward to meeting you in person.

Join "VIA CREW Platform" to get ready!

You will receive an invitation to the platform from ( This platform provides instructions and a checklist to complete all of your pre-travel tasks. You can also use it to interact with other GLE members. You can introduce yourself, share updates, photos, and start conversations similar to Facebook or other social media platforms.

【Important Deadline】

Can't wait to meet you!!!

We are looking forward to meeting you in person next year!! Please let us know if you have any questions :)


Christy & Hirona