Digital Citizenship for Teachers

Spam, Phishing and how to avoid being caught out!!

We need your help to educate teachers about how to avoid being caught out in online scams!!

Did you know that this year teachers in DEC schools have provided their username and password in response to an email request?? This could have given the recipient access to their banking details and much more!!

Did you realise that some of your peers have given spammers the ability to post more than 500,000 messages from our email addresses, meaning staff could not send to students as email clients such as Google refused to receive our mail!!

We need your help!!!

We challenge you to write the screenplay and develop a storyboard for a DEC communication!!

What should it include.....see below

The winner will have their script used by TAFE media students to develop a publication that will go DEC wide!!!

Submissions need to be in by the end of week 2 in term 1 2013!!

What you will need to include!!

So....where do you begin??

Social Media and Technology Guide for Staff

Search "Social Media and Technology Guide for Staff" on the intranet to see what is already available...otherwise we are in uncharted waters....and we can't wait to see what you can come up with and if you are really keen why not use your students to create a sample!!!

Contact ITD for further assistance