Mount Rushmore

Rapid city keystone, South Dakota

Rapid city

Rapid City is the second-largest city in the State of South Dakota after Sioux Falls and the county seat of Pennington County. There is more monuments then just Mount Rushmore in rapid city.

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Mount Rushmore

About Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a monument in Keystone,South Dakota. many people has been to the monument Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore is a very beautiful monument. it symbolysis certian stuff which i will tell you about. Mount Rushmore is very big too. There is some facts i want to tell you about later. It is a gorgeous place to visit.

Why not visit somewhere gorgeous like Mount Rushmore. This is what it symbolysis, growth, penative and development. It hosts about 3 million people per year. there is a cave behind the carving called "The Hall of Records". It took about 14 years to build Mount Rushmore. 90% of it was made by strategicly placed dynamite. It took 400 men to build this monument.

Sense it took 400 men to build it is a big monument. its 5,500 above the original sea level. Mt. Rushmore has 800 tons of stone. the presidents noses are about 20 feet long. The faces are 60 feet high off the ground. Mt. Rushmore took nearly 1 million dollars to build. it takes 500 steps to reach the top.

If it takes 506 steps to reach the top you know it's big. It was built on the south side slope of Mt. Rushmore. The erosion rate rate is 1 inch every year. Mt Rushmore is a gorgeous place to visit. There is 3 million people visit every year.

Since there is 3 million people a year there for many people love the monument and have fun.