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Zachary Stimpert: Why Art and Technology Go Hand-In-Hand

Zachary Stimpert Stimipert has extensive professional experience in the area of technology. With many years of employment as a Web Designer/Developer for companies and organizations including Ohio University Southern Campus, Engines, Inc., Grounds Team, United States Enrichment Corporation, and others, Zachary Stimpert possesses a keen awareness of how technology is created, implemented, and experienced.

Also, Zachary Stimpert is a talented artist. As an artist, Zachary Stimpert’s talents have been widely recognized. Among Zachary Stimpert’s artistic achievements are his service as a Juried Artist for Ohio University, as well as his receiving of the First Place in Art Competition award for Acrylics from Ohio University.

There’s much synergy between technology and art, says Zachary Stimpert. Both art and technology involve the creative process, explains Zachary Stimpert, and, the process of innovation and adaptation inherent in any creative process, especially ones that are aimed at yielding a ‘finished’ product, are often very compatible with one another. Zachary Stimpert continues, for example, when a new technology is conceptualized, the need for artistic direction is frequently required. Whether it’s for the design of a new car, or website, technological advancements are most always encompassing of artistic elements.

According to Zachary Stimpert, while not all pieces of art or technology share aspects of one another, elements of each realm are present in products of the other more often than not, says Zachary Stimpert.

For those who are considering a career in art or technology, Zachary Stimpert highly recommends embarking upon your profession with an attention to both artistic and technological skill. While having a command of either artistic or technological abilitiy is beneficial towards creating, maintaining, and practicing other skills within each respective realm, being able to combine elements of the two together may help you take your expertise above and beyond expectations, summarizes Zachary Stimpert.

How Volunteering Can Be Highly Rewarding, With Zachary Stimpert

As a volunteer, one contributes to the betterment of a cause, says active volunteer and enthusiastic supporter of a variety of good causes, Zachary Stimpert. Zachary Stimpert possesses significant insight about volunteering, as well as the reasons why the act of providing service to good causes can also be highly beneficial to those who volunteer themselves.

Zachary Stimpert, a leading Technology Expert who has extensive experience and expertise in the areas of graphic design and web design, has been an active volunteer for many years. Zachary Stimpert has donated his time and effort to a variety of noble causes. Zachary Stimpert has served as a volunteer for the Christ’s Community Church in Portsmouth, Ohio, as well as the Southern Ohio Medical Center.

Zachary Stimpert believes that everyone should feel empowered to do what they can as a volunteer. Volunteering can be done in a variety of ways, according to Zachary Stimpert. The term volunteer is far from being a static title that applies to one general area, explains Zachary Stimpert. Rather, says Zachary Stimpert, volunteering activities can apply to a wide range of causes and organizational initiatives.

Charities and causes do more than most people might think to serve, promote, and support important areas, says Zachary Stimpert.

Holding a high education in the realm of technology, which includes his enrollment and graduation from Ohio University Southern Campus, Zachary Stimpert Stiimpert is grateful to have been able to provide his expertise in the field of technology to support charities that work to better the lives of those in need.

Zachary Stimpert: Tips For Technology Beginners

Technology applications have a massive reach in today’s world. Across all sectors of business and day-to-day life, technology plays a significant role. Zachary Stimpert is a leading Technology Expert who understands the ins-and-outs of everything from software to hardware. In this post, Zachary Stimpert provides some basic information about the constantly expanding world of technology.

If you’re a newbie or novice to hi tech technology, than one of the many ways to become more proficient in any of its wide-ranging applications, according to Zachary Stimpert, is to dive straight in.

Many people, says Zachary Stimpert, experience anxiety when faced with a new technology. Even more, continues Zachary Stimpert, when faced with an entirely new avenue of application from a technological advancement, some people become not just mildly intimidated about the idea of utilizing the new technology, but are downright fearful of it, continues Zachary Stimpert.

Zachary Stimpert is well accustomed to providing helpful information to various entities about technology and its many uses, of which, says Zachary Stimpert, are constantly expanding.

Zachary Stimpert wants you to know that becoming more adept to technology is possible for anyone regardless of their current familiarity and experience with hi tech.

According to Zachary Stimpert, some of the most important keys to successfully learning and, ultimately, effectively utilizing a vast-array of technological advances are the acts of researching and practicing the use of the technology in a way that is as realistic as possible (relative to how it would potentially serve you), summarizes Zachary Stimpert.

Zachary Stimpert: Artist, Entrepreneur, Tech Expert

Zachary Stimpert is a multi-talented technology professional, capable of demonstrating expertise in a variety of fields. As an artist, Zachary Stimpert has shown a special talent for the creation of thought-provoking pieces in multiple formats. His skill with a camera, with a computer and with a pen have earned him the recognition of his colleagues and the respect of his peers. Zachary Stimpert continues to display a passion and a strong enthusiasm for the creative process.

Though Zachary Stimpert has established a successful career in information technology, he seems to get the most joy from the act of creation. As a graphic designer, Zachary Stimpert is able to apply his artistic talents to an exciting and powerful medium; presenting his work in a way that can potentially reach and have a provocative and lasting impact on millions of people throughout the world.

With the inception of his website,, Zachary proud displays his work, not only his traditional and photographic pieces, but also his talent for digital art and design applications. Zachary Stimpert has a strong interest in the surreal, which is reflected many times throughout his work.

Zachary Stimpert is considered a technology expert. He has proven experience and expertise in HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Windows Operating Systems, web design and development and more. He has worked in multiple information technology capacities, and is proud to be a graduate of Ohio University. Zachary Stimpert promises to have a bright and enduring future in web and graphic design, and has established a strong foundation for many years of future success.

Zachary Stimpert: An Expert on Technology

Zachary Stimpert is considered an expert on technology, and has held several professional positions that reflect not only his knowledge, but his passion about everything technological.

Zachary Stimpert studied Applied Business in Computer Science Technology at Ohio University, and he currently possesses an Associate’s degree. He held two technology related positions during his time at the Ohio University Southern Campus, including a Computer Lab Assistant position from 2007 to 2008 and an Information Technology Specialist position from January to August of 2009. As a computer lab assistant, Zachary Stimpert provided students with assistance regarding computer-related assignments and problems, particularly concerning graphic design and large format printing. As an Information technology specialist, Zachary was focused on technology troubleshooting, and on maintaining the quality of the campus computer labs and software.

Zachary Stimpert was recognized by his campus colleagues for his unabated zeal about anything technological, and served the Ohio University Southern Campus Information Technology team with distinction.

Zachary Stimpert then moved on to accept a position at Engines, Inc., serving as a professional web designer/developer until October of 2009. After brief but successful stints as web designer/developer with the Grounds Team and the United States Enrichment Corporation, Zachary Stimpert decided to branch out on his own, and became a self-employed Technology Specialist in May of 2012. Zachary continues to provide clients with expert computer repair and maintenance, as well as professional home network installation services, to this day.

Zachary Stimpert is knowledgeable and experienced in web design, development, graphic design, computer networking, Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Windows Operating Systems and Social Marketing.

Zachary Stimpert: Graphic Design Expertise

Graphic design is a multi-tiered field with many real-world applications. Zachary Stimpert, a professional graphic designer, understands how to make a piece of text, a storyboard or any visual message attractive and appealing. As an expert in technology and web development, Zachary Stimpert is skilled at using modern technology to enhance the power of visual communication, and to make something meaningful and highly appealing to the public.

Zachary Stimpert is a skilled web designer and creative artist who understands the power of technology. He is capable of using technology to bring the most out of his artistic designs, and he has developed a knack for transforming an image into an effective and visually stimulating work of art. With years of web design experience and a natural talent for art, Zachary Stimpert is able to produce works of art that inspire the imagination and evoke emotion from the viewer. He has an eye for the unusual, and can transform any image into a provocative and memorable work of art.

Zachary Stimpert is a skilled photographer capable of seeing the potential in the mundane. He takes pride in his photography, and proudly displays some of his best work on his personal website, known as Zachary Stimpert understands how to bring the surreal out of everyday objects, and is in tune with his creative and artistic sensibilities.

Graphic Design is a diverse and layered industry which requires a deep, intrinsic artistic sensibility. Zachary Stimpert is a talented graphic designer who understands both the value and the provocative power of imagery, as well as its many applications.