SustainAbility, the key to future

27th June - 5th July, Denmark

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About the project

"SustainAbility, the key to future" is a youth exchange taking place in Denmark, gathering 42 youngsters from Denmark, Poland, Estonia, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania and Cyprus. It is intended to deliver a better understanding of the concept of environment, economic and social sustainability within the society.

General objectives

In line with the Erasmus+ requirements, the whole project’s general objectives are:

-to raise participants' understanding and knowledge on the concept of sustainable development and its environmental, economic, social and cultural dimensions,

-to facilitate the process of exchanging personal experiences through peer to peer learning and country realities on sustainable development among young people,

-to empower young people to participate actively in civil society to foster sustainable development,

-to encourage participants to live sustainably in their everyday life through critically reflecting on their daily choices and consumption habits,

-to foster intercultural learning and dialogue among participants,

-to increase participants' knowledge of Erasmus+ programme and introduce its funding opportunities to be used for promoting sustainable development locally and internationally.

Accommodation and lodging

Project venue:

Morup Møllevej 71

7755 Bedsted Thy

You will be hosted in a 1,000 m² summer house on the West coast of Denmark. Each room has 2-3 individual beds and a private bathroom with shower. The leisure area includes billiard, air hockey, darts, table football and sauna. Also, there is a special place for campfire.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served daily in our spacious canteen. In between sessions you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and to have a bite of authentical Danish sweets. Should you have any special requests regarding the meals (e.g. vegetarian, vegan food), kindly inform us latest one month before the project starts.


To get to Denmark, you can either fly to Billund, Aarhus, Aalborg or Copenhagen Airport. You have to arrive in Denmark latest at 15:00 on the arrival day. Otherwise there is a high risk that you will miss the last train to the project venue.

You MUST book your flight tickets latest by 20th May. This is very important because we need to buy in advance the train tickets for you to get to the project venue. Public transport is very expensive in Denmark and that's why we need to book 1-2 months before in order to get the best price.

If you fail to comply with the above deadline for flights, then you'll have to buy the train tickets yourself (will cost around 120 EUR for a return ticket per person, compared to 40 EUR if we buy it for you in advance).

The cost of the train/bus tickets will be of course included in your travel budget.

Remember to drop us an email before booking your flight tickets, as we have to confirm your itinerary and price of the tickets. Be aware that we do not reimburse tickets purchased through travel agencies, unless otherwise agreed.

In case you want to spend extra days in Denmark, feel free to do so. You are allowed to spend up to 6 extra days outside the project dates.


Please fill it in only if you were selected to join the project. Thank you.

Medical insurance

Although it is not mandatory, we strongly advise you to have medical insurance covering emergencies. You never know what might happen during your stay. Medical services are very expensive in Denmark.


Accommodation, meals and travel costs will be covered for all participants. However, the upper limit for the travel budget varies for each country, as it follows below:

Cyprus ----> 360 EUR

Romania ----> 275 EUR

Poland ----> 275 EUR

Lithuania ----> 275 EUR

Estonia ----> 275 EUR

Slovakia ----> 275 EUR

Denmark ----> 20 EUR

As a general rule, participants are requested to keep all tickets, invoices and boarding passes in order to be eligible for refunding. We strongly recommend that you check-in online for your flights and get your boarding passes in pdf format. In order to receive the travel reimbursement for the team, the group leaders from each country must follow these steps:

  • Step 1. Upload all the team's travel documents online via Google Drive, using the button Submit travel documents. Any travel documents sent by other channels (email, messenger, whatsapp, etc.) will be disregarded and will not count in for the reimbursement.

  • Step 2. Fill in the Request reimbursement form.

Reimbursements will be processed per country, within 6 weeks from the day we receive the reimbursement forms.

Participation fee: 20 EUR per participant

(it includes: cultural trip to Aarhus, bed linen, towels, materials)

Submit travel documents

Only for group leaders.

Request reimbursement

Only for group leaders.

Participant countries

We are welcoming 6 participants (including group leader) from each of the following countries: Cyprus, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Denmark. All participants must be between 16-30 y.o.

Each national team will have one group leader (no age limit) who will be responsible for submitting the documents needed for the reimbursement process.

What to bring

Weather in Denmark is usually warm during the summer. Therefore, bring light clothes with you. Also, take some basic pills with you in case you get sick or catch a cold. If you follow a special treatment which requires specific medication, remember to take it along with you as well.

Regarding the intercultural evenings, feel free to bring your flag together with traditional food, snacks or drinks with you. However, the maximum limit for alcohol is 5L per country

How to apply?

In order to apply for this youth exchange, please refer to our local partners from each country. They are solely responsible to recruit and select participants. Below you have the contact details for each of them.

Applicants from Denmark can contact us directly using the details at the bottom of this infopack.

Meet our team!