By Matilde Hecksher


Kenya is a very divine country. It is located the east-central of Africa. The population of Kenya is 45,010,0561. Kenya's GDP per capita is $1,800 since 20132. Kenya's nationality is Kenyan and the spoken languages in kenya are English and Kiswahili 3. International tourist arrivals to Kenya fell 13.6 per cent4 in the first half of this year. The capital of Kenya is Nairobi, where there are many attractions for tourists to visit, for example, The national Park; Karen Blixen Museum and Bomas of Kenya. there are also other attractions in a different location like Lake Nakuru located in Nakuru 5 .

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Advantages of Tourism in Kenya

4.1% of total employment6. More Jobs will provided because more and more tourist will come creating more job opportunities will come. Locals maybe learn new skills in tourists services. Construction will create again more jobs for locals and tourist has more choices to choose from when booking resort package deals. Education, health and other services can be improved by tourist spending foreign. Roads, buses, taxis and airports, will again create new jobs for locals7, are provided for tourist for them and locals to have transport. Visitors visiting Kenya would maybe experience traditions causing them to tell there friends or family members to come to Kenya. Tourist will be educated about the danger wild life in Kenya. They will be educated in animals, nature and their surrounding.

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Disadvantages of Tourism in Kenya

Local people would be forced to leave home for resorts to get build instead8. Tourist may pollute, leaving garbage or trash around9. House prices would rise because investors would buy the land for hotels and holiday homes10. Traditions likely turn into something that locals would have to do11.

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