Travel Guide For Planet Earth

By, Larry Haeck

Ways We Divide the Earth

We divide the Earth in a few ways, here are 3 ways. Climate zone- If you get farther away from the equator, the colder, the closer, the warmer, also there's mode rant temperature springs/falls, hot summers, and cold winters. Time zone- Some parts of the world has different time, so in one area, it's 12:30, all the way around the world, it could be a totally different time, so change your watches as you travel. Hemispheres- Separates areas of the Earth, North of the Equator, and South of the Equator, West of the Prime Meridian, and East of the Prime Meridian.

Places to visit.

I think you should also visit the fowling places, Cocoa beach, if you like relaxing and swimming, and if you like volcanoes, visit Mt. Saint Helen. Also go see Mt. Rushmore, it has some of our president's carved into the mountain.