What is meant by compression

Explained by Zheenyar Karim

What is Data Compression?

Definition: Technique of reducing the amount of storage required to hold a digital file to reduce the disk space the file requires and allow it to be processed or transmitted more quickly.

Data compression is used everywhere including 'The Web' & 'documents'

.Files such as Photos, videos, Audio etc. are commonly used across the web to decrease time for files to load or be downloaded.

.Data compression is also used to save space in users documents so they can store more files in that particular drive.

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The different types of compression

There are two main types of compression:

.Lossy- techniques in which some amount of data is lost. Lossy compression technologies attempt to eliminate redundant or unnecessary information. Most video compression technologies, such as MPEG, use a lossy technique.

Lossless- This one is very smart as it try's to retain everything. Its is also possible to compress a file and lose any data.

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