Rogue Community College


School Info.

Located: Grants Pass

Architecture transfer program

Total cost for two years: $10,650

Open admission policy

Enrollment: 5,530

Student to faculty ratio: 20 to 1

Location Information

Portland, Oregon-Fun things to do:


Rock wall



Tree House building


Summer:80-100 degrees during the day, 60 degrees at night

Fall:60-low 70's during the day, 50-58 degrees at night

Winter:low 40's to high 50's during the day, low 20's to high 30's at night

Spring:50's to 70's during the day, 30's to 40's at night


Mt. Hood

Willamette Valley

Columbia and Willamette Rivers

Mount St. Helens

Paying for College

These are ways I will pay for College:

Get a job and save money

Save money in my bank account

See if friends and family would be willing to help

Achieving Post High School Goals

Post High School Goals Include:

End High School with at least a 3.0 or higher GPA

Join some High School clubs and do more activities at school

Classes That I will take to accomplish my goals:

Robotics Club

Chess Club


Available Volunteer Work as Training

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