Valid Qualitative Research

According to Guba's Criterion


Be able to understand the complexities that present themselves and deal with patterns that are not easily explained.

Strategies to increase credibility:

  • prolonged participation at study site
  • persistent observation
  • peer debriefing
  • triangulation (using multiple methods to collect data)
  • collect "slice-of-life" data items
  • do member checks
  • establish referential adequacy


Realize that everything is bound by context.

Strategies to increase transferability:

  • collect detailed descriptive data
  • develop detailed descriptions of the context


Dependability refers to the stability of the data.

Strategies to increase dependability:

  • Overlap methods
  • Have your method reviewed by a professor, principal, etc.


Be neutral and objective with the data you collect.

Strategies to increase confirmability:

  • Practice triangulation
  • Practice reflexivity and admit any biases or assumptions

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