August 31-September 4

Mrs. Sacket-Mowers, 6th Grade

Upcoming Activities

* No School Monday

* Old School Cover-Your-Books Party on Tuesday during the recess portion of lunch (bring a brown Trader Joe's type bag or two, if possible)

* Back-to-School Night: Thursday, September 10:

I'll see you in my classroom, P-4

Session 1@ 6:00

Session 2 @ 6:45

* Thursday is a short day due to Back-to-School Night

Questions to Ask:

* Who is Kimba?

* Has anyone signed the Smarty Pants yet?

* What memories have you made charms for?

* What do you think of Canvas & the Chromebooks? Did you watch the "Kid President" video?

* Which idiom did you like this week? What was the theme?

* Which math activity did you like best and why? Four 4s? Dot numbers? The Maze?

* How do you think you did on the Vocabulary Quiz?

* Tell me something great about Mrs. Holder.

* In History, what was your favorite, the textbook walk or geography challenge? Why?

Math Textbook Online

Next week we'll finish our Week of Inspirational Math. Then we are ready to begin using our Springboard textbooks.

Your child can access the Springboard Sixth Grade Math textbook now in a Canvas course. Students will not need to have a special username or password to access the textbook.

1. Go to

2. Enter your regular Canvas student user name and password if prompted

Textbook and corresponding lesson videos are all there!

Additional Info:

* Don't forget to join PTA. I'm happy to explain the many ways PTA positively supports the instruction in my classroom!

* Save those Box Tops (or send in the collection you've had all summer)!