Digital Badges

last updated 10/29/2021

Goose Creek Ed Tech Digital Badges

What are Digital Badges?

Digital Badges are a way for teachers to share the ways they are using technology in the classroom with students and earn recognition.

You will apply for badges in Eduphoria Strive. Once awarded they will show up in your Professional Development Portfolio in Eduphoria Strive.

They WILL NOT count for exchange time.


A full list of available badges can be found in Eduphoria Strive. Filter by the Digital Badge category.
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How do I apply for a Digital Badge?

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Show Off!

You will also receive an actual badge to display in your classroom or outside your door!

Click here to print out the badge display sheet (or create your own).

Once you receive your credit in Eduphoria Strive, we will be by to give you the actual badge to display!

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