Forensic Science Technician

Kassidy Musgrove

Job description

  • collecting evidence
  • analyzing collected evidence in a laboratory setting
  • writing reports summarizing the results of this analysis

Working Conditions

As a Forensic Science Technician, you work in a lab the whole time. There is less stress in this job because all that you're doing is analyzing evidence. Some labs require you to have a partner or an assistant.

Training/Education Requirements

  • Need at least several years of work-related experience
  • It does require you to take special test, and to have a license

Personal Characteristics

This job is for people who are more independent, must not be easily distracted, patience, must be observant, and is an active listener.

Earnings & Job Outlook

  • $52,840 salary
  • you are required training program that they offer
  • They have this in big and small cities and towns

Education Spotlight

  • Texas A&M
  • Texas Tech
  • Boston University