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May 20, 2022

The Last One from Dr. Rodriguez

Growing up, I loved going to school and watching my teachers peruse their teacher guides, opening them to the appropriate page of the lesson we were going to review. I would watch them input grades in their gradebooks in different colors for different types of assignments. I would offer to stay after school to wash the chalkboards so they would be perfectly clean for the following day. As I approached the upper elementary years, I would ask the kindergarten teachers if they needed help with anything in their classrooms -- filing student work, grading tests, sharpening pencils, stapling homework packets. It's easy to see I loved school and everything that came along with it.

My love for school never went away. As I started my undergraduate degree in elementary education, I had to visit different schools around the city to fulfill the required field experience hours. I observed teachers in all settings and would try to remember what I loved about each of them. One asked amazing questions; another walked by each student's desk and gave students immediate feedback as they were completing their work; and another just created the most inviting environment I had seen. I brought all of those wonderful elements together when I began teaching because I wanted my own students to have the absolute best classroom experience ever.

I kept this philosophy with me as I moved into school administration at the tender age of 27, and I hope it has shown during my time at Riviera during the beautiful 13 years I have been here. I have truly enjoyed every second of my time with this amazing organization. The relationships we have all built together with our students, our families, and each other speak volumes about what we believe education should be.

I am truly honored to have been able to call Riviera my home for the past 13 years. I have no doubt that Ms. Rivera, Ms. Johnson, and Ms. Bello will continue our tradition of excellence in education for our students. You can count on their support at every turn, and I know I leave our students in the best hands possible.

To the faculty and staff, thank you for an endless supply of wonderful memories. We have laughed together, and we have certainly cried together. I take with me our hilarious conversations and inside jokes, our ridiculous Halloween, Holiday Show, and Spring Concert costumes, and the mutual respect, admiration, and love we have for one another. Thank you for giving your best to our school every single day. There is no faculty on Earth I would rather work with than all of you.

To the families, thank you for all of your support throughout the years. We have worked together for the benefit of your children, and it has truly paid off. I see such growth in our students in so many ways, and it has been because you have always been so open to helping us create the best path forward for your children. Thank you for the friendships and the laughter over the years -- I will not forget everything you have done for Riviera.

To the students, you have made my days here the BEST DAYS EVER! YOU are why we do what we do, and I am so proud of each one of you. Keep making this world a better place, and remember that with love, anything is possible. I will always remember you all, and I leave with you a gigantic piece of my heart. This is not goodbye; this is just "see you later."

All my love,

Dr. Rodriguez

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Kindergarten Graduation

Wednesday, May 25th, 5pm

9775 Southwest 87th Avenue

Miami, FL

All kindergarten graduates must arrive at the Prep School campus by 4:30pm to prepare for the event.

Keep Art in your Heart!

Ms. Martin, our amazing art teacher for the past 31 years, is retiring, but not before gifting us with one more end-of-year Art Show! The Art Show gives us an opportunity to "show off" what our students have learned over the course of their time at Riviera, and there is no lack of creativity and talent around here at all! From the Jumping Jacks to the Designer Animals to the symmetrical lanterns, students tuned into their artistic side and created pieces that truly represented them. The mixed media and different materials used remind us once again that art is so much more than just drawing -- it is using the world around us as inspiration to find our inner Picassos and create. Thank you, Ms. Martin, for a wonderfully inspiring 31 years at Riviera, and remember to keep art in your heart because we know we will!

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