Irish Terriers

By: Nicole Klann


The Irish terrier is a medium sized dog. it is longer than it is tall. it is a nice family.

Body feauteres

The Irish terrier is a medium dog with a slender body and elegant each step they take. It has a red coat and a whiskery beard. when it sheds it traps it in its coat of fur. It is very dependable with people.

Ability and Capability

The Irish terrier is very active dog. They love a good challenge like jumping or running. The Irish terrier is full of energy. The Irish terrier would be best in a big house. They enjoy training and having fun.

Taking care of an irish terrier

Irish terriers love to live in close contact with there families. They have a great understanding for words. Irish terriers are sometimes stubborn with people if they aren't trained well. But most of the time they are good dogs.


An Irish terrier athletic and unique dog. These dogs are hoping you get one.