Love Your Body ~ Love Your Life

Is Your Body Image Getting In The Way Of You Living a Fulfilling, Happy Life?

* Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt dismayed by the cellulite on your thighs or the wrinkles around your eyes?

* Have you thought about buying a new swimming costume but cringed at the idea of wearing it in public?

* Have you ever longed to be taller, thinner or curvier ?

* Are you too self-conscious about your body to enjoy sex?

* Do you turn the lights off during sex so your partner can't see your body?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. In fact, you are among the 80 to 90 percent of women, and a growing number of men, who dislike their physical appearance and are dissatisfied with their bodies.

The good news is that you can learn to change your thoughts and love your body

This workshop will take you from a place of insecurity about your body to a place of confidence and self-love

You will learn:

* HOW to Identify and detach from negative thoughts about your body

* TO Love and accept your body with compassion

* FEMININE Embodiment Processes to help you feel more connected to your body

* TO Feel Sexy Naked

* TO Love your body, love your life

I’m running this workshop because like many women; I looked at my body and hated it. Not only was I constantly on the latest diet, but I was also mentally beating myself up every step of the way.

When we don’t feel comfortable in our bodies we deny ourselves the enjoyment of everything from dancing to delicious food to lustful abandon. We miss out on all the sensuality and joy that life offers.

Amazingly, when I began to accept and love myself unconditionally, everything else in my life began to change as well.

My health improved. I began to experience joy, happiness, and love on a regular basis. I began to live a life that was fun, exciting, and filled with passion.

I began to love my body and love my life.

Love Your Body ~ Love Your Life

Sunday, Oct. 6th 2013 at 2-4pm

Ascot, Queensland, Australia

Ascot, QLD

Sunday 6th October 2pm – 4pm

Ascot. Brisbane

Limited to only 10 Women, so book now to avoid disappointment

Cost $45

To Learn more and to book , please visit