A Modest Proposal

Implementing change to better future generations.

This is a desolate motion to those who unfortunately have become enslaved by the fortification of negligent, faulty, and second rate media and social media. Today's youth as well as elders have horribly misused today's new and advancing technology; instead of taking these advantages to better generations to become more efficient and effective social wise it is infact is slowly but surely ruining the upcoming generations before they even get the chance to begin. I believe that it is safe to say our fellow Americans are entirely too invested in today's technology, yet in the wrong ways. Social Networks such a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine and many more to follow do an excellent job at putting spotlight on negative aspects of life. While many of the popular things that are tending now-a-days can be extremely entertaining, it also can be a huge factor in why Americans tend lose sight of practical real life situations and responsiblies. Regardless of the time that you spend in a social network, you are put at greater risk to be influenced by one thing or another. Today more adults and children rather sit and network rather than go outside and enjoy the God given gifts of life; much less even taking the free pleasures of those God given gifts into account. also kids in school seem to act up more and more now a days. how to fix this? since social network seems to bring about such a large interest, the creators can promote more notifications about positive things, current events in our world today, and so on and so forth.