The Proclamation of 1763

Breanne Huntzicker

Who Wrote it and Why?

The Proclamation of 1763 was written by King George the third of England and his council. The Proclamation was written for multiple reasons. During the French and Indian war the Native Americans fought with the French against the British. After the war was over King George III decided to write the Proclamation of 1763 because he wanted to protect the Native Americans and their land from the colonists. He also wrote this document because he wanted to show the colonists that he still had control over what they did. He put guards along the new borders that the Proclamation established to enforce the rules in the that were discussed within.

What did the Proclamation of 1763 Contain?

There were only a few things that were discussed in the Proclamation. The main issue that was discussed in the document were the new borders that were going to be put into effect to protect the Native Americans and their land. When establishing the borders in "the New World" four new colonies were brought about. The four colonies were Quebec, West Florida, East Florida, and Grenada. When all of the borders were finally established King Henry III made a law that nobody but licensed traitors could cross the Appalachian Divide and interact and trade with the Native Americans. All lands outside of all the borders were considered off limits. The other issue discussed in the document was how much land each government official in the colonies and provinces should receive according to their rank.

How did the Colonists React?

The colonists were expecting King George III to turn against the Native Americans so they could have all of the land west of the Appalachian mountains for farming and expansion. When the colonists got the Proclamation of 1763 they were enraged. They believed that Britain had taken away their "prize" which was moving west. Some of the colonists understood where the King was coming from, but others hated the King even more now that he took away their right to expansion. Lots of colonists disregarded the Proclamation because they wanted better and richer farmland so they could produce more crops, and have bigger farms. Other colonists just disobeyed the document just because that was their way of saying that Britain couldn't control what they did. In conclusion, this Proclamation; however temporary, was just one more reason the colonists wanted independence.