George Washington

A Great Leader?

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  • Created the Cabinet
  • Signed the naval act that established a permanent naval army for the country
  • Signed the Jay Treaty which established peace and neutrality between the two nations
  • Signed the Treaty of Greenville which ended the Indian wars in the Ohio regions
  • Signed the Pinckney's Treaty which was with Spain, and formed peace with the southern regions of the United States, and granted American citizens free passage of the Mississippi River
  • Only president to get 100% of the electoral votes


  • Established the cabinet within the Executive Branch a body that was not outlined in the Constitution
  • Supported innovative fiscal concepts such as the Bank of America and a national debt which would later be adopted
  • Introduced a policy of neutrality pertaining to foreign wars that was followed up until WWI
  • Set the precedent for a two term limit of Presidents that was followed until FDR
  • Established relations with Great Britain with the Jay's Treaty. To this day, England remains one of our closest and strongest allies
  • Established the tradition of a presidential farewell address

So Was He an Effective Leader?

Based on the amount of precedents he set, and his accomplishments, I would say he was an effective leader. He set the standards for so many leaders to come, he established the cabinet, made peace with Great Britain and the US, and his farewell address is one of the most celebrated speeches in history. He was wise and humble, considering other's opinions (cabinet). He fought for the people and always thought of them first. In my opinion, Washington hit the target as one of the best model presidents.
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