Where I'm Bound Book Report

Copyright: 2000

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Allen B. Ballard is the winner of the First Novelist Award from the Black Caucus of the American Library Association
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"My wife Zenobia. She still up at the Kenworthy plantation in the Yazoo with my baby daughter Cally. I think. My and other girl---- Luke and Milly---- they was sold away three years ago, I'll find them someday."

This line signifies Joe's ambition to find his family by going through the military.

"Dear God, oh God, sweet Jesus, take my life if it has to be, but let Cally live..."

Sadly Joe and Zenobia's daughter Cally has fallen ill and may die, but her mother wishes to have her life take instead and let her daughter live free.

"And still there when Uncle Dan met them and pointed up to Someday, where her body lay in the moist Mississippi Earth beside their darling Cally."

Joe has finally been reunited with his family at last, but not without losing the closest to him. He says goodbye to his wife and daughter one last time.


The main conflict of this story is that a Colored soldier Joe Duckett enrolls into the Northern Army in order to finally reunited with his family once more.

The Resolution was that Joe becomes a hero and he is reunited with is family, but all is not happy as his youngest daughter and his wife Zenobia have died.

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1. Being a huge history nerd I really enjoyed the many historical references throughout the story

2. The struggles of slavery in America really kept a tight grasp on my attention

3. The main character and his struggles to be with his family again almost brought tears to my eyes.

Historical References

1. The biggest historical reference in this novel is the Civil War

2. The 3rd U.S Colored Calvary is another reference and the regiment Joe Duckett is apart of

3. It gives recognition and reference to colored soldiers in the Union army

Good or Bad?

I definitely recommend this book. Allen B, Ballard truly brings his characters to life and the battle scenes make you feel like you were actually apart of it. He gives insight on both sides of the war and shows a very satisfying recreation on how it was to be ex-slave turned soldier like no other book has ever done. 10/10 would recommend.