First Grade Newsletter

September 19 - 23

Important Reminders

  • Picture Day is Thursday, September 22nd, so get your smile ready!!!:-)
  • Sock Hop is Thursday, September 22nd!
  • Testing is almost over! Thank you for your patience and continuing to send your child with a good breakfast and ready to learn!!

Spelling Words

1. clip

2. flip

3. slip

4. flag

5. black

6. plan

7. win

8. sit

9. come

10. good

11. his

12. place

13. glass

Challenge Words

1. sensible

2. needs

3. adorable

4. train

5. dear

Patriot Cafe

We have many new students to Shepard, so we wanted to remind our parents about how the Patriot Café works:

  • All parents are welcome to come have lunch with their children! There will be some days later in the year that parents and volunteers are not allowed in the lunch area or classroom areas, like during the STAAR test.
  • Parents are only allowed to take their child out to the Patriot Café! There are only a few exceptions and that is with cousins or other relatives like grandparents. This rule is in place for the safety of all children!

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the Patriot Café.