The temperate deciduous rainforest

Project By: Brando Franco, Marcos Gonzalez, Berenice Rosas

Travel Info

Temperate deciduous rainforest is located in Untied Kingdom in Europe. To get to the temperate deciduous rainforest in Europe you have to get in a plane from Atlanta & travel to the United Kingdom. Some native foods in the United Kingdom is Apple Crumble, Fish & chips, Cheese & Onion Pie, Cottage Pie & plenty more. What clothes to bring to The United Kingdom. You would bring Jeans, Tee shirts, heavy overcoats, & anorkas for heavy Climate.

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Weather & Enviorment

The weather in the United Kingdom has warm summers & cool winters. The summers are cooler & but the winter are milders. The United Kingdom has temperate maritime climate. Animals in the temperate deciduous forsest in the United Kingdom are Elk, Deer, Bear, Lynx, & Cougar. Plants in the temperate deciduous forest in the United Kingdom are Vine Maples, Ferns, & Understory trees.


One of two predator prey relationship in the temperate deciduous forest is rabbit (prey) and wild cat (predator) another is Kite (prey) and lion (predator). One symbiotic relationship in this biome is tree and a squirrel the tree is not harmed but this is protection from its prey for the squirrel another is alichen wich is a symbiotic relationship with a moss.

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Endangered species

One of the endangered species in this biome is blue-spotted salamander for its loss of habitat.

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