Canada's Economic System

with the regions of the world

Canada's foreign aid

  • foreign aid is transferring money from more wealthy countries, to less fortunate countries.
  • These reasons include, food aid, funding of projects, production of goods needed by the region, providing aid, emergencies, partnerships, and influence on the regions politics.
  • The federal government announced that they would be giving money to the countries that meet Canada's values.

North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

  • In 1994, NAFTA created one of the worlds largest FREE trade zones.
  • Free trade is a agreement that allows the trading of things needed in different countries without taxes.
  • the goal of NAFTA was to allow the U.S.A and Canada to buy or trade things from Mexico.

Fair Trade

  • fair trade products are foods, or crafts.
  • fair trade ensures that more skilled people such as artisans and farmers will have a better chance of getting a better deal.
  • fair trade is designed to end poverty.
  • fair trade helps producers improve their money conditions and systems.

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

  • APEC was put together in 1989 with 21 countries.
  • APEC'S decisions are involved by all government parties.
  • A part of APEC is to share goods.

The Maquiladoras

  • Maquiladoras is a operation in the free trade zone of Mexico.
  • there is around 3000 Maquildoras in Mexico.
  • 90%of the goods made in Maquildoras are given to United States

Pros and Cons

  • pro- a richer money leads to a better standard of living in Canada.
  • con- the United States is a major threat because of its money super power.

Canada Trades

  • Canada imports more than $169 billion products each year and exports $181 products each year.
  • Canada imports- steel products, raw sugar, beef, clothing and coffee (there is more)
  • Canada exports- wheat, livestock, bottled watter, electricity. (there is more)
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