Extraterrestrial Visitor's Guide


Things You'll Need to Know

Here on this odd planet you've only seen passing by on your way to Mars, we have many ways to "separate" our so called earth. One way is dividing them by seven continents. Those seven are Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Africa, and Antarctica. Another way is climate zones. Something that is necessary to know with that info is the closer you get to this imaginary line going across the globe like a knife, cutting it in half from side to side, is the equator. The closer you get to this equator, the warmer it will be. the farther, the colder. One of the simpler ones is slicing the earth into regions by hemispheres. That is the north and south hemispheres.

Before We ( Actually ) Start

Before we dive into three very interesting and exciting physical features, you might want some other significant ideas on where to go if fjords, straits and deltas just aren't your thing.

- Mt. Everest

-The Grand Canyon

-The Amazon River

-The Sahara Desert


More Information On Those Big Rascals


I bet you have a lot of questions about fjords. Is it a food? How do you even say it? A fjord is a long, deep narrow body of water that reaches far inland. They're almost always set in a U shape. Fishing and tourism are good in the Boka Fjord, because of the beautiful view. Bring a camera, but not a swimming suit! The water is very cold. One of the many few obstacles of Boka is bulding passageways for transportation. The Boka Fjord's sharp turns and even sharper rocks in random places prevent any type of transportation. Something awesome about the Boka Fjord is that it's near Hawaii, so take a car on one of the many streets and sail on a boat on many of the waterways big enough near Boka and visit the sunny islands!


Maybe you've heard of a certain delta. Delta airlines, Delta co., but that's not the kind of delta we're talking about. Deltas are wetlands that form as rivers. Those rivers empty their sediment into another body of water. The silt build up is the delta. Some opportunities for the Nile (which is a delta) is that the silt is just awesome for plants. But, sadly, there are many apex predators, like tigers and bears, oh my! Go down to the bank of the Nile. There's clay, and you can make pottery! Take it back to Mars for your family and friends. Take a beautiful picture of the marshy sunset. But make sure to bring a tent. There are not many houses very close. The water in the Nile is actually undrinkable. Bring your own to avoid getting sick. You can also go to the magical (not really) Mediterranean sea! By the way, water has gone over most of the silt. The water and the silt is considered the Nile.
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What is a strait, might you ask? Because I'm sure that's not how you spell it. Well, for this strait, it is. The Messina strait has many links to many seas, so it is a good transportation waterway. Yet Messina has two whirlpools, throwing up strange and scary fish with seaweed stuck to their slimy body. Along with that, strangely enough the current changes direction every six hours, so if you use Messina as transportation, you have to be quick and watch out for the whirlpools that can suck you in. A good thing is to take a camera or ride a bike by the strait. Also, bring a fishing rod and explore these mysterious transparent fish! In the city near Messina, there is a place called the Cathedral and Piazza Del Duemo. Go check it out!
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Packing list for the Boka Fjord

Inflatable raft

Fishing rod




Packing list For The Delta Nile


Food and water

Canoe or boat

Fishing pole


Packing List For The Strait Of Messina

Strong motor boat

Fishing rod

Chocolate. Always chocolate.

Travel Tips

Watch out for any cold and deep water

Watch out for apex predators

There's... Not much....

Oh wait! whirlpools in the Messina! I almost forgot about that.