Physical and Chemical Changes

By:Magen Stiefer

Physical Properties

Any characteristics of a material that can be observed or measured without changing the identity of the material.

Examples-color & shape, length &mass,volume & density.

Physical Changes

The physical properties of a substance change,but the identity of the substance does not change.

Examples-slicing bread,breaking glass,ripping paper.

Chemical Properties

Any characteristics that give a substance the ability to under go a change that results in a new substance.

Examples-flammability[ability to burn],reacts with oxygen[ability to rust],reacts to light[pictures being developed],reacts with water[medicine dissolving in water]

Chemical Changes

A change in the identity of a new substance due to the chemical properties of that substance.[You have a new substance] [Is it reversible] NO IT IS NOT!!!!!!

Examples:Flammability[fire burning to ash],reacts to oxygen[fruit rotting]heat&light[vitamins can change exposed to light],electricity[water can be broken down with electricity]