The Chuck

February 15- February 19, 2016


Just a quick THANK YOU for all the time and care you all take everyday to make sure our Woodchucks feel loved and safe! With the early dismissals lately, you have taken the time to make sure your families were in the know and that were dismissed safely. The domino effect of your efforts helps the office staff get home at a safe time on these snowy days, too. We appreciate your efforts everyday, but especially on busy days when our normal schedule is interrupted. Thank you for being cognizant of students' needs everyday!!

Friday Focus!! (February 8th)

As we begin to review data, consider the following questions:

How does your current data collection and analysis processes lead to improved student outcomes?

How are you responding to the stories and questions revealed by the data?

Scroll Down for THIS WEEK's FRIDAY FOCUS!!

This Week at Woodstock!!

PLC Focus: Technology (ITS/ LMS) Thursdays during PE

Monday, February 15

· No School

Tuesday, February 16

· Girls on the Run

· Journalism Club

· PTA Board Mtg.

· Woodstock Reflections Reception 5:30

Wednesday, February 17

· Pastries with Parents A-L 7:45am- 8:20am

· DOSL and Principals visit Mrs. Wyman's room for Design Fellows 9:30am - 11:00 am (Room 14)

· Book Buddies 3:15

· Bouncy Brainiacs 3:15

· Good News Club 3:15

Mr. Robinson will be out of the building.

Thursday, February 18

All TECH PLCs will meet today in Room 14 (K-5 PE TIMES)

· Pastries with Parents M-Z 7:45am- 8:20am

Mrs. Hedrick- out of the building in morning

· Girls on the Run

· Big Brainerz- DI TEAM

· Wee Woodchucks 5:45pm- 7:00pm

Friday, February 19

· 4th Grade Field Trip, VA Aquarium

Mrs. Dirks & Mrs. Crunkleton at Literacy Leader Mtg.

Next Week!

PLC Focus: Language Arts (Wednesday/ Thursday)

Monday, February 22

· PAC MEETING (Send Mrs. Hedrick your agenda items)

Tuesday, February 23

· Girls on the Run

· Journalism Club

· 3rd Grade Planning 8:20-10:30

· Book Club/ Winn

· Battle of the Books 2016 TCC: 5:30pm

Wednesday, February 24

· Citizen of the Month 8:45am

Thursday, February 25

· Adjusted Dismissal

Taste of Italy Luncheon after dismissal

Teacher Collaboration and Planning Time (12:40pm- 3:30pm)

Meet and Greet Transfer Fair at Green Run HS 4pm

· KL/ODS, Grade 2 & 5 testing

Friday, February 26:

Soup(er) Staff Luncheon (from Staff Welfare, Mr. Lugo & Mrs. Hedrick)

Shout Outs

Kudos to all the teachers who turned in their routines and procedures for PBIS. I’ve noticed many of you using our common vocabulary to teach the appropriate skills! Ms. Pulley

Thank you Pam Barre for helping Second Graders practice independent learning in the Learning Commons! ~~Avery

You Make a Difference!! Howard Draper

The students created this poem and shared it on the announcements on Friday!

D-Doing what it takes to help me reach my goal

R-Reads with me every day

A-Always tells me to take my time

P-Prepares me to pass my tests

E-Encouraging me throughout the day

R-Realizes we can do anything we set our minds to

Thank you!


Friday Focus for February 12th

Teaching & Learning Framework

Woodstock teachers living the life with the VBCPS framework.

Consider how you are aligning instruction during math and language arts.

How are you using ACADEMIC VOCABULARY during small group instruction? How are students connecting academic vocabulary and what they are learning to the LEARNING TARGETs presented?? What is their META-COGNITION?? Are you thinking about student learning outcomes when you write a learning target or just checking the box??

Be reflective on that one!

Learning targets describe exactly what we want students to learn. The clarity of learning intentions is at the heart of formative assessment.

-John Hattie

Big image

Has the Learning Target Been Met??

I can explain which candidate is currently leading the election and the points system of the electoral college.

School Net Data

Schoolnet Reports

There are two available Schoolnet reports accessible to you. The Standards By School report lists all schools that have administered the Schoolnet selected assessment and provides the overall percent correct and the percent correct by each standard. The Standards By Section report lists the courses, teachers and sections for the Schoolnet selected assessment and provides the overall percent correct and the percent correct by each standard. When opened, these reports will show “Standard ID not found” and will need to be edited to view the standards.

To access, view and edit the reports, follow the steps below.

  • Hover your mouse over “School & District Data”
  • Click on “Benchmark Tests”Beside “Institution,” select your school from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the selected test to expand
  • Under “Benchmark Reports,” click on either Standards By School or Standards bySection
  • Beside “Date Selections,” click edit
  • On the right side under “Standards grouping,” select Do not group: Display mostdetailed level of standards data available
  • Click Run Report