Come to the cool Continent

come too russia

what we will be traveling in

if you chosoe my buissness we would be traveling by plane and it will be on the plane for 10 hopefully u can get comfily to Russia that's a long flight.
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what food you should reall try

Soyinka its like soup but has a whole lot more vegetable's in it and its like tomato soup with meat,potato's ,carrots,broccoli and for flavoring a lemon.
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what the weathers like in russia

the weather in Russia can be good and bad because during the winter it can get below -30 degrees in the summer it can get up to 90 degree so you don't want to go during the winter but you want to go during the summer it can get nice outside.
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what kind of money they use

its called Russian rubble and it is way different than our money.its more color it can be pink green or blue.
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most popular sights in russia

the winter palace its beautiful and its well built and it looks magical and the hermitage museum it has art and culture and it was founded in 1764
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this is the map of russia

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most usefull phrases in russian

(Zdravstvujte!) frmПривет! that means hello in Russia.(Kak dela?)that means how are you in Russia. (Kak tebja zovut?) this means what your name.
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contact information for my buisness

734-303-5670 or at www.coolcontent/