Fengxiang Sun

My grandfather

Early life

My grandfather, Fengxiang Sun, was born in a small town in Nanjiao, Tianjin. [in 1935/2/28]. He graduated in Tianjin University,  he has to rode his bike to school. The school is far away, It take about two hour to get there.On his way to school,he saved three people who fell into the river.People said because he saved three people, that's why he has three sons in his life. He got married in1961, when he still has one year of university left. He worked at  Metallurgical Research Institute, an engineer. He retired in 1997.
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Later life

Fengxiang and Fuzhen have three sons. After he retired,he stared how to write calligraphy. He study calligraphy all his later life until he died in 2011. He died by cancer, he was 76 years old that year. Part of the reason that cause canser is he always ate the meat that is cold already.