When I stole from the store down the road, I was caught and my theft was called a misdemeanor. I was given a subpoena along with my indictment and brought before a petit jury, a process known as arraignment.

The Trial

Next came prosecution. I became the defendant, and the store owner the prosecutor. I was given a public defender, since I could not afford a lawyer of my own. The trial was a long process. When my case wasn't resolved, I moved up to the grand jury.

Grand Jury

The trial by the grand jury was even longer. They brought in a witness, a customer from the store that saw what I had done. From the way it was going, it looked like I was going to be arrested, which I didn't want. I tried plea bargaining, maybe I could pay a fine or do community service, but that didn't work.

The Verdict

In the end, I was arrested. I tried everything I could not to be, but the judge wouldn't let up.

That was his decision, and nothing I did would ever change it. After a while I was bailed out by a friend, but all of this could have been avoided if I wouldn't have stole anything in the first place.