Microsoft Outlook Features

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Microsoft Outlook Features

Microsoft outlook is an office suite that helps to configure the emails in an efficient way. It liberalizes the work like sign-in and sign-out when each time of accessing into the account. The primary version of the Microsoft outlook is named as outlook 97. Until now Microsoft outlook released more than nine versions, the version 2013 is the current. Microsoft outlook includes calendar, key board short cuts, task manager, contact manager, send and receive e-mail status, junk mail folders, customizing or categorizing the folders , flagging system that helps to distinct the emails, etc . All in all, effective customers care service, nomenclature as Microsoft outlook technical support.

The customers support toll-free helpline of Microsoft outlook is available in 24x7 basis. You can contact them through the toll free telephone number. The technicians are Microsoft certified technicians so there is a surety in resolving issues. They will contact issues such as unable to send the messages, delay in sending messages, receiving junk emails, can’t access into outlook, assistance that needed to configure a new outlook account etc.

Recovering the accidentally deleted messages

There is an option in outlook to recover the accidentally deleted messages; the outlook stores the messages, files, calendar in PST (Personal storage files). If the file is corrupted or virus affected then delete immediately. The virus affected files seems in an encrypted text format , if you find such files in Your PST folder just remove it from there and scan the system with a good antivirus . Sometimes the files become corrupted because of improper shut down or the file size is beyond the limit. Contact outlook technical support for more assistance.

Can’t send messages in outlook

This is a painful experience, if a mail can’t deliver the message in right rime, and then there is no need such email. There are few ways to get rid of you from these situations

· Check whether your system is connected to the internet.

· Check the system speed if your hard disc data is full , certainly that should reflect in delaying the messages

· May be it’s a problem with outgoing mail server (STMP). It is a server issue. Contact your internet service provider for resolving this. For better guidelines contact the outlook customer care

· Check whether your integrated password is correct. If you had any issues that relates to password, choose the password recovery options. For technical support contact outlook technical support.

· Check the send and receive messages of Microsoft outlook, hit the refresh key (f5) for a while. This will help to unlock the hang outs in the mail.

· In some cases the message failures happen because the receiver blocks the mailer as concerning a precaution against spam, hazardous viruses. You can contact the technical support of outlook for solving the problem.

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