EMB Logistics Management

EMB: Training & Coaching Division


Workshops that last one day or more are scheduled with 7 contact hours duration, from 09:00 to 17:00. Half day workshops are scheduled to have 4.5 contact hours.

Please consider that in workshops of 1 day or more we suggest 3 breaks: 1 mid morning (15-20 min), 1 for lunch ( 1 hour) and 1 in the afternoon (15-20 min).

Coaching Sessions

6 to 8 Sessions, depending on the need of the Coachee.

Location and Equipment Required

Offices ( training room tables set as U shape), 1x flipchart ( paper and colored pens) or whiteboard with colored pens, Projector and Screen, Loud Speakers.

Catering service for breaks will be provided by the Client

Workshop Materials

Manuals and handouts for the participants will be provided by EMB and will be delivered on the day of the training workshop.