Ancient Athens

By, Maddie Elliott and Isabel DiGennaro


Have you ever felt like you were learning too much? Or maybe even learning too little? Well, imagine being an Ancient Athens boy, with too much to juggle around, or an Ancient Athens girl with too little to even know. In ancient Athens the boys were sent to military school for two years at the age of eighteen. Athens was the main Educational Center of Ancient Greece. All schools were small and private, education was very valued. Boys were home schooled up until the age of six. The teachers in school were mainly male. From ages six to fourteen is primary school, once they reach the age of sixteen school is complete. When graduation comes the men who want jobs can go for a scientist or a philosopher. Only the men who were muscular must at the age of eighteen will be sent to military school for two years. Girls are very different, they were taught by their mothers or private tutors. The reason of this is they were taught just to be a stay at home mom, and were prepared to teach their daughters how to be a stay at home mom as well. In conclusion, boys and girls were taught very differently when it came to education. The boys actually were taught math and other subjects to prepare them for future jobs, while girls were only taught how to do laundry or do the dishes.