Which Colony should you move to?

By: Kayla German


New Jersey is so the place to live right now. Like who wouldn't want to live here? There are tons of amazing qualities that go into New Jersey, everyone absolutely loves it here! Come join us today, and be one of many amazing people that make New Jersey like it is today!

New Jersey

I think that you SHOULD come to New Jersey to live! In 1609 Henry Hudson, explored the coast of New Jersey. His exploring had given the dutch government a claim to the land. New jersey was officially founded in 1660. In late 1964, the dutch had built Fort Nassau on the Delaware river.

The land in the area had rich and rocky soil, and the climate was somewhat mild. In the winter it was pretty cold, but just like every other place, winter gets kind of cold, and in the summer, it was pretty warm on occasion. Since the land had rich and rocky soil, it made farming excellent and better for their crops. They were able to use their forests to provide things for themselves. They used forests to make wooden furniture, and they used the Atlantic Ocean, for fishing and whaling, for food.

In 1643, the swedes built Fort Elfsborg which is near Dutch Fort. Then in 1655, the dutch leader Peter Stuyvesant marched to the Swedish fort and demand their surrender. Then without a fight they surrendered without a fight. In 1644, English ships and soldiers, commanded by James, the brother of the king of England captured the Netherlands. The Netherlands that they had captured is now today called New Jersey. James gave the land to 2 of his good friends Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkeley. They then renamed the area New Jersey because Carteret was from the British Isle of Jersey. They had charged rent for living on their land, and were very poor leaders. Then again in 1674, Lord Berkeley sold his land to Quakers, who then called the area West Jersey and in 1702, East and West Jersey joined together again, and then became a royal colony ruled by the king of England, and called it New Jersey. New jersey has so many great qualities, why would you want to live anywhere else? New Jersey is so amazing, so you better stay away from New Hampshire!

New Hampshire

Don't you dare even try to move to New Hampshire, but I hear that New Jersey is the place to live! Their captain, John Smith was the first person to claim the now known area of New Hampshire. In which he ended up claiming in for England in 1614. In 1629, Mason and Gorges divided the land that they had just been given. While Gorges took that area, and then soon after called it Maine, and Mason had received New Hampshire.

The New England colonies are the coldest colonies of all 3 regions. Their geography consists of low coast’s, hills, mountains, and plateaus. Their climate, is pretty mild, having very short summers, which in return then leads to cold and bitter weather for a really long time.

This is exactly the reason to defiantly not move to New Hampshire, because if there are harsh cold winters, do you really just want to be trapped inside all day, if not most days?

Yes, there are short summers, but that only lasts for a very little bit, then there are cold winters. That would not be the right place to move to at all. Instead in New Jersey, they even it all out, and their summer, and winter's are not bad at all, especially compared to New Hampshire!

There was absolutely no religious freedom, none at all. There was also no freedom in areas owned by the Puritans, they did not tolerate any other religion, besides their own. Puritans are pretty much just a big group of English Protestants.

Absolutely, whatever you do, do not move to New Hampshire because, their religious freedom is slim to none at all unless you are of the religion of Puritans. There is really no freedom at all there, so instead you should stay in New Jersey where there is religious freedom, but still respects what you choose to believe in.

In 1622 King James gave the land that he had owned to John Mason and Sir Ferdinand Gorges. Then in 1623, David Thomson, and his 20 English settlers had built pannaway plantation, which was the first European Settlement in New Hampshire.

New York

The land was originally founded by the Dutch, and was explored by Henry Hudson. New York had hot and humid summers and bitterly cold winters. There were mountains in the Northeast and lowlands from Lake Ontario, along the Canadian Border. The land had good soil and great land for farming.

New York is not the place to live, because do you want to live in a place that has really hot summers, that seem like they last forever? Or bitterly cold winters that seem like they last forever? NO move to New Jersey where it is not like that.

The people there don’t necessarily have a specific religion, therefore there is religious freedom for Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews and Others. So it is pretty much all free, to be or go to what ever you want for religion. Also in 1778, on July 26, the colony had become a state in the U.S.

Don’t move to New York, because if they are not focused on a religion, and they do pretty much whatever religion, that would not be a place that I would like to go to at all! Instead I think that you should go to New Jersey and join into your religion there, they are more focused and there to do what’s right for you.


Puritans- Puritans are a group of English Protestants

Low lands- Low land is basically a low living country

Colony- A colony is a group of people who leave their native country to form a new land or settlement


Don't move to any other colony, above I just proved why New Jersey is the place to live! There is not a lot to complain about there, who wouldn't want to live there!?!? New Jersey has the perfect land for farming, and has a great climate, and everything there is just great. Yes, there are good qualities in New Hampshire and in New York, but not even close to what New Jersey is like. So move to New Jersey today!