Book Talk

By: Risaa.Kajendrarajah


Title of book: Ice Dreams

Author: Lisa Papadematriou

Type of book: Chapter Book

Genre: Fiction


Ice Dreams is about a girl named Rosa and her passion about figure skating.

When Rosa arrived at Chicago she was ready to bring it on and show what an amazing skater she is. Her friend Meena was also an amazing skater and they were always encouraging each other to become great skaters. One day Rosa got an email from her friend from Miami saying that she will be coming over to visit her in Chicago on Saturday. Later that day Rosa went skating and saw Meena there. While they were putting on there skates Meena asked Rosa if she was able to come shopping with her to buy some skating outfits like all the other figure skaters. Rosa forgot all about Jessica coming over and said sure that would be great. The next day at school Reggie and her self were planning on going to the rock museum to do research for there science project on Saturday. Just then Meena was walking by them and overheard what they were talking about. Meena then said oh sorry but Rosa's already coming shopping with me. Just then Rosa's smile turned into a frown as she looked through her calender. Under Saturday it said that Jessica was coming over. Just then she realized that she had 3 plans at the same time and day. What will Rosa do?

My favourite part

My favorite part of the book is when Lisa remembers that she has 3 plans on the same day and does not know which one she should attend. That was my favourite part because that is when it got really interesting and after reading that part it made me feel like wanting to read the rest of the book.

A passage from the book

A passage from this book is A hero is someone who is scared of something but still does it.Someone that is not a hero is someone who is scared and never does it.

The reason I picked this passage is because I always say that if you try you can do it and that is practically what this passage is trying to say.



I recommend this book to anyone who is into fiction and likes mystery. This book is an amazing book, with lots of exciting parts to read and enjoy. You will love this book because it has a lot of interesting parts to it and it will make you want to read the whole book on the same day.