A Long Way Gone

An Infographic by Bailey Aldredge

Historical Connection

The brutal rebel forces in the book are very similar to the acts of Hitler, going city by city and collecting, killing, and destroying as many people and villages as possible. The ruthless murders of the innocent share a striking similarity to the Nazis killing jews

Internal Characterization

Ishmael is alone, in a forest, running for his life. Because he is constantly alone he has no one to talk to distract him from his thoughts about the horrific events he'd experienced, from close friends being killed, to seeing entire cities destroyed. Ismael must constantly try his best to focus on surviving, despite having a heavy head and heart.
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Important Words


Ishmael and his friends are in an African forest, hoping the crowded trees and wildlife will hide himself and his friends. While in the forest they have to constantly try to steer clear of dangerous animals such as wild pigs, leopards, and lions


Ismael experiences many conflicts throughout the book, one being Man+Self. When he and his friends were walking in a forest, they were all starving, and were forced to steal from others, they had to decide for themselves whether others comfort was more important than their own.

Another conflict was Man+Society. Ishmael and his friends were viewed as being threats to those in the villages they crossed, despite being innocent, because they were thought to be rebels disguised as teenagers.