bigger is better

order regular sized scones

Our scones come in a plethora of flavors - you know that. We have had plenty of conversations about which flavor scone to chose (I think we concluded that apricot pistachio was the way to go.)

What we have not discussed is which size you should chose. It is high time we had that conversation.

Our scones come in three sizes. Regular is the large, mini is the medium, petite is the small. We didn't chose these names, they chose us, we like to say.

Today, we will argue that the regular is the best size to chose. That's the big one. Not the small. Not the medium. At the end of the day, after all, what really matters is how much. The size of the wave, so to speak rather than the motion of the ocean.

Remember when Freddie Mercury said, "Bigger is better, in everything"? He was right, and sure, some preacher or another might claim that his excesses led to his early death but let's not harp on that, shall we? He said something and we want to take advantage of it for marketing purposes so let's just go with it.

Enough's enough, girlfriend! Step out! Enough with the middle of the road already. Leave the ordinary behind and get yourself a large scone. I mean, regular. It is high time you chose large, not just on scones but in life. That's what Oprah said, anyway. Empowerment.

So next time you order our delicious scones, be they cinnamon, chocolate chip, cherry or whathaveyou, go for big. Order the regular.