Tupac Jada: Situation

This poem is a nrative, in this poem he is talking about a girl named jada and how he is so inlove with her, he shows alot of emotion in the poem. The emotion mainly used is love and how she satisfies him with using sex. The speaker is a rapper named Tupac, he talking directly to jada in this poem. I can tell that the speaker means every word that he says byt the tone of his voice and the words he ueses. The tone of the speaker is passion and love, the sentence that givesw me and idea of the tone is when he said "U are the Omega of my heart".

Tupac Jada: Structure

This type of peom is a free poem, you can tell by how many stanzas there are and by the words he uses. For instance he uses "U" instead "You". He also said "2 Climax" instead of "to Climax". The reason Tupac chose this form of poem was becasue he wrote this to his girlfreind jada as a note and made it into a poem and plus he was a rapper. The poem develops by him talking about how much he loves her and then it evolves into how she makes him feel. The poem keeps the same attitude throuigh out the whole pem.There are 12 sentences in this peom and they are very easy to understand what the writer is talking about. He uses mainly adjectives in his poem. There are no punctuations in this peom either.The tittle of the poem is the whole reason whyu he wrote, its a bout a girl named jada picket that he goes out with and he is really inlove with her. She is the whole reason of this poem.


Tupac Jada: Languages

The isnt really abig rhyme scheme in this poem , every two lines the last word would rhyme with each other. All of the words all easy to understand so i understood every word in the poem. When he used the word "Omega" he basically called her a queen. I feel like that word is a very important word because it means you are in charge or have power over something important.

Tupac Jada: Musical Devices

There is a rhyme scheme in this poem but it occurs irregularly, it has a musical effect to it that makes it sound so good. The rhythm in this poem has almost more stressed than unstressed because when I read it I can tell that he is very passionate in what he is saying. This poem has made me realize to always treat a girl with respect because you never know what she can bring to the table. Also that sex does not have to be a reason to be in a relationship, just always show her love.

Omega of My heart