Mrs. Davis'Grade 4 News


Math Matters

Fractions and decimals have been the focus for the past few weeks. Students have been adding and subtracting, comparing, ordering, and locating decimals and fractions on number lines. One of the strategies learned was using benchmark fractions.

Home Connection Suggestion

COOK with your child. Ask them to measure the ingredients, but ask them to use a measuring cup that is smaller than the needed measure. This way they will have to find an equivalent fraction!

Also, keep practicing those multiplication and division facts. Fact fluency = confident computation.

It Was Electric!

In late March and early April, Miss Sarah brought her ELECTRIC personality and experiments to our classroom. Light bulbs were lit and circuits were built as students explored the basics of electricity. Then, it was on to an introduction to magnets. More magnetic learning will happen in June.

Reading, Writing, and MORE Writing

Getting some persuasive arguments from you 4th grader? I hope so! Students finished their persuasive essays at the beginning of the month. Then, we jumped "write" in to some narrative writing. After reading several versions of the 12 tasks of Hercules, as part of our reading mythology unit, a 13th task was assigned. Each student planned, drafted, revised, edited AND published in just 5 days... but, best of all, the stories were amazing. The students enjoyed sharing the stories with their peers, too.

Inventors with Great Ideas

GHS held its first INVENTION CONVENTION at the end of the month. Of the 11 students in grades 4-6 who carried through from start to finish, FOUR were from our class! A special salute goes out to Emily, Ellie, Madelynn, and Lindsay. JOB WELL DONE!

Upcoming Projects

Over the next two weeks, EXPLORERS will be the focus in reading and social studies. After a brief overview of 4 explorers who changed the world, students will choose an explorer to research in depth. Most of the work will be done at school, but a trip to the public library might be helpful. Parents will be asked to sign a form when students make their explorer choice.


A special THANK YOU to all of the parents who answered the call for pencils and expo markers.