Adolf Hitler

The Man Who Caused It All

Before the War

Hitler had seen the Jews as a race and he believed that they were the reason why Germany was a bad place. This motivated him, and it made him want to get power to solve this "problem" with the Jews. Eventually, he became chancellor and then president of Germany. When Hitler became a chancellor, Germany became the Nazi state, and people have little power.

During the War

On September 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland. For the next year, the Nazis and their allies have conquered much of Europe. German officials took Jewish properties and forced them to wear identifying armbands and created ghettos and labor camps, all because of Hitler wanting Germany to be a pure nation.


By May of 1945 Hitler and his allies has murdered 6,000,000 European Jews. When Allies had gotten to concentration camps, they discovered the testaments of what Nazi Germany had done to Jews and even Non-Jews. They found piles of corpses, bones and ashes. When they found the surviving Non-Jews and Jews, the poor people were starving and suffering from diseases. All of this suffering is what Hitler had caused with the Holocaust and with his "Final Solution".

Maurin Coburn