Iran Hostage Crisis

By: Margaux Gaeser

What was it?

On November 4th 1979, Iranian students attacked the U.S. embassy located in the capital of Iran, Tehran. The students seized 90 Americans and held them hostage. The hostages were held for more than a year.

How were the hostages treated?

Some hostages were release early on during the crisis. The hostages were blindfolded and beaten often.

What did President Carter do?

President Carter ended all Iranian oil imports. He also froze all Iranian assets in American banks. The U.S. attempted a rescue in April 1980, but it failed. Many Americans were beginning to lose their faith and trust in Carter

My Opinion On How Carter Handled the Situation

I feel like Carter did not do enough during the crisis. He could have made more attempts in trying to free the hostages. Also, he focused more on stopping relations with Iran and not strategizing and making comprises with the students in order to save the hostages