Ewalt News

March, 2019


Greyhounds of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized by their teachers as our February Greyhounds of the Month. Manny Addis, Ava McKim, Ricky Beck, Adalena Peck, Justin Reeves, Arienna Beckley, Beau Dawson, Kinsey Hankins, Eli Gostautas, Trinity Fitch, Kennedy Burns, Kyson Hulse, Brennin Davis, Emma Stroda, Sean Hogoboom, Cadence Rogers, Paxton Bonham, Cheyenne McCullough, Tyler Mullin, Reef Pina, Keagan Blake, Baylee Ohl, Kannon Woodrow, Serenity Smith, Bryce McPherson, Ava Bryan, and Adelie McQueen.

Ewalt Student of the Month

Congratulations to Adelie McQueen who was chosen as the Student of the Month for all of Ewalt. This is what Adelie's teachers had to say about her: "Adelie is one of the sweetest, most compassionate kids I have had the privilege of teaching. Her kind heart can warm a room! She is always the first one to work with someone who doesn't have a partner, or to help anyone in any way. She always follows the 5th grade expectations, and is a joy to be around. She comes in every day ready to learn with a smile on her face! I am so proud of Adelie, and I cannot wait to see how far she goes in life as she gets older. Thank you for being such an amazing little girl!"
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Pancake Race

by Chloe Cotton

THE PANCAKE RACE is being rescheduled. The original date was Tuesday, March 5, 2019 but it looks like it might be too . COLD outside so Ms. Kepler has decided to reschedule it. 5th graders at Ewalt and St. James are the only grade that can do it. We do this because 5th graders are leaving the elementary school and moving to middle school and we do more fun things together as a school but mostly 5th grade. If your student is running make sure that they bring their own frying pan because we don’t have any extras. Our P.E teacher here at the school is providing the pancakes. If your student wants to wear a costume they can wear a tutu, bandanas, aprons or chef hats. When it is rescheduled it will at 2:00 pm and go on for about 15 minutes. There will be two races, a girls race and a boys race. The Award will be given in the GYM. if you have any questions then contact the P.E teacher at jkepler@usd402.com or reach her at Ewalt at (316)-775-0065. Please watch for more information about the new date.

Be the Awesome Parent

by Faith Magruder

Remember when you were a Watch Dog for your child when they were in 1st grade? Remember how the children loved you? Remember how you were the hero? Remember when you stopped doing it again after the first time? Remember how your child was sad? Now you have a chance to make your kid happy again!! We are in desperate need for Watch Dog dads to sign up. This year we have only had 28 dads sign up! Do you know how many of those were repeats? A LOT. Let’s make a goal of 50 sign ups this year!!! Be the hero. Be the awesome parent. Contact Ewalt office for information on signing up.

Mornings with Mom

By Tyler Mullins

Mornings with Mom is on Wednesday, March 6th from 7-8am in the Ewalt gym. It is like Donuts with Dads but with your mom. If you don’t know you and your child/mom come in and have donuts. If a mom isn’t able to come, you can bring any adult female you know who is available. If nobody can come, all students are still invited to come to the gym for a donut because the school will have volunteers there to eat with them. When your done eating you can stay and visit with your child. At 7:40, your child will go back to class. PTO sponsors this event and we want you to.have a nice morning with you child that day.

Talent Show Thursday, March 7

The Ewalt Talent Show will be Thursday, March 7th at 1pm in the Ewalt gym. Students will be showcasing a wide range of talents. They have been practicing hard and we are excited to see what they can do. We will also have a special, surprise performance by Ewalt staff. Families are invited to attend and we will also be posting the performance live on Facebook. Hope to see you all on Thursday at this great event. Thank you to Mrs. Filbeck and our students for all of the work you have done to make this possible.

3rd and 4th Grade Music Concert

By Hayden Murphy

There was a concert on February 26, 2019. It was lots of fun, especially because I was in it! In case you don’t know what a concert is, it’s where 3rd and 4th grade get up on stage and sing songs they have carefully rehearsed. For more info, contact us by this. If you missed the concert you can watch it by clicking on this link: https://www.facebook.com/121532507944103/videos/242851699986714/

Reading, Running, and Recess

by Gabrielle Rettig

Reading, Running and Recess is a fundraiser put on by Ewalt PTO. Your child’s class will be assigned a time to read, run, and have recess. When your child reads she or he well… um… will… READ. When your child runs she or he well… um… will… RUN or walk miles. When your child has recess she or he well… um… will… have RECESS . Your child will read, run, and have recess the whole day! Sounds fun to me because I like to read and have recess, but not so much run or walk, but it gives you exercise. It will be on March 29th, 2019! Raise money to help your child's class win a party. If a class raises $200 they will win a extra recess. If they raise $400 they will be invited to a video dance party. The top K-2 and 3-5 will win a pizza party. The top earning student will be principal for the day! If the whole school raises $7,000 they get to vote what to do to the principal: 30 students will get to shoot her with silly string, Duct tape her to the wall, or throw a pie in her face! If a grade level raises $1,000 they will get to silly string all of their teachers! Please support Ewalt to get to do really fun things!

Family Fun Night

by Ali Stevens

Hi parents Family Fun Night is coming up! You and your kids can come to the school and play games and win prizes! Fun Night is Friday, March 29th from 6-8pm. You can come to fun night but of course you don't have to come. Notes will be coming home soon. You can purchase a bracelet ahead of time to play all the games. You can also order pizza for your family so you can eat dinner when you get there. There are a lot of games to play so you won’t get bored when you come. We will also have a raffle of theme baskets. If you have never come to Fun Night it's really fun I mean that is why it is called Family Fun Night. I will also be there so if you come you will see me.

You can come with friends or family. Fun night is for you to have fun with your family and friends. All of the pop and candy we have been collecting will be given away as prizes. If you go I hope you have fun! I just know you will.

1st and 2nd Grade Music Concert

1st and 2nd grade students will be performing a music concert on Thursday, March 21st at 7pm. Students will need to arrive by 6:45 and are asked to wear their Sunday best. The concert will be an opportunity for them to show off all of the things they have been learning in music. If you have family members who are unable to attend, we will be broadcasting it on Facebook live as well as putting the link for the concert in our next newsletter.

Upcoming Events


1st - Watch Dog Dad Aaron Jackson and Josh Maska

  • Caps for a bag of Candy day

5th - ESCO Meeting @ 3:30

6th - Mornings with Mom

7th - Talent Show @ 1pm

  • Watch Dog Dads Ian Berg, Travis Tennyson and Zeke Jones

8th - No School

11th - 15th - Spring Break

15th - Ms. Chavana's Birthday

20th - Spring/Class Pictures

21st - Ewalt BOB competition

  • 1st/2nd Grade Music Program 7pm @ AHS

22nd - District BOB competition

  • Pop for PJ's
  • Ewalt Families Time
24th - Ms. Lennette's Birthday

27th - Alley Oop sign up begins

28th - 2nd grade Biography Presentations @ 2:30

  • Kdg. Round-up meeting @ 6:30pm in the Augusta High School Auditorium.

29th - Reading, Running, and Recess Fundraiser

  • PTO Family Fun Night


1st - Watch Dog Christopher Anaya

4th - ESCO Meeting

10th - Mr. Sibley's Birthday

12th - Kindergarten Graduation Pictures

  • Kristen Martin's Birthday
  • Ewalt Families Meeting

18th - Alley Oop Finals

  • ESCO Bake Sale

19th - No School - Good Friday

22nd - No School Staff Development day

26th - Relay Recess