Tax breaks for the rich

It affects you

We are ignorant in this subject as a whole.

To start off the reason the rich are able to do this is because we aren't aware of the problem.

Some credible authors believe that the reason why there is so much greed is because of our desire for wealth and the drive to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

This all intertwines with politics because most people in politics are rich themselves so they have found ways to get rid of financial burdens on their rich friends such as getting rid of the estate tax which only rich people pay.

Other ways that they are able to cheat on taxes is by buying tax free stocks and hiding behind certain net profits hiding money that they have made on the side.

Some tax cuts are provided by the government like for companies pursuing developments but recently breaks were given to a video game company and this was provided by the government.

Now rich people have said that they are being targeted as the 1% and even comparing it to the holocaust.