Frankie Klausen

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this experiment was to see if vision is necessary when making a free throw in basketball. I became interested in this experiment because I find it interesting and have never thought about it before. The information gained from this experiment will help others by showing if vision is necessary for shooting a free throw.


If you look at the most successful athletes, no matter what sport it is, they will say that repetition is the key to success. Doing the same drills and same workout will make you stronger in that certain area. Having a routine work out will make your shooting percentages higher. A shooting percentage is the percentage of shots you make out of the number of shots you shoot. This is a way of showing how much you practice. They higher your percentage the more repetition shots you have shot. Doing repetition work outs and drills will lead to a very good accuracy. Accuracy is the ability to perform without mistake. Your accuracy will go up if you practice. The more you practice the better shooter you will become. These factors are a major key in being a successful shooter.

When shooting a free throw their are many things that play a role in it. First you should a line your feet in a straight line along with your elbow, hand, and ball. A good grip on the ball will help with balancing your hand. Keep your elbow close to your body and make an L shape with your arm. Have good balance and don't fall over or cross the line. Aim for the back of the rim and always remember to follow through on any shot. Depending on if you jump or not you should not cross the line and should know how much spring you need to use. Using your legs will make the shot easier, and you will have a better chance of making it.


My hypothesis is if you have practiced a lot you should be able to make a few free throws without being able to see. I base my hypothesis on my background knowledge of repetition shooting.


IV: vision

DV: percentage

CV: all shots from free throw line, all shooters same grade, same ball





Eye patch


1.Get 7 volunteers the same age or same grade

2. Get one basketball

3. Go to a gym

4. Have your volunteer shoot 5 free throws

5.Record the number of shots they make as they shoot

6. cover one of their eyes

7. Shoot 5 more free throws

8. Cover both of their eyes

9. shoot 5 more shots
10. Put your data in a chart

11. Based on your data make your conclusion


The original purpose of this experiment was to see if vision affects your shot. Results of the experiment were, based on the data, that most 8th graders had difficulty making a shot with their eyes closed.

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My hypothesis was that if you practiced you can make a few free throws without being able to see.The results indicate that this hypothesis should be considered inconclusive. Based on the results of this experiment 3/5 isn't enough to conclude if vision is necessary or not. If I were to conduct this science fair project again I would have more people shoot.


Makayla Forsberg, Ty Erwin, Delaney Ehlers,Dylan Reimers, Noah Schutte