Makerspace UniDIVersity

A Krause Center for Innovation Higher Education Program

Why Makerspace UniDIVersity?

When you look at Makerspaces and the experts in the spaces, often, they lack diversity. We, at the Krause Center for Innovation, would like to see a diverse workforce in these creative and collaborative work spaces. Together with our certificate program, we are planning for a cohort dedicated to women, especially women of color, who are the most underrepresented population in technology and making.

Our Makerspace Coordinator certification program is an 18-unit certificate of achievement through the Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College. We will give you the skills to manage and teach in a makerspace, and you'll get a state-approved certificate of achievement on completion of the program.

2018 Summer Makerspace UniDIVersity Cohort 1:

The program opens with in-person courses August 6 through August 10th:

8/6: Design Thinking Process (2 units)*

8/7: Computational Thinking (2 units)*

8/8: Project-based Technology Projects (2 units)*

8/9: 3D Design Concepts (2 units)*

8/10: Adobe Illustrator Overview (1 unit)* and Multimedia Overview (1 unit)*

(* coursework will continue online through 8/31)

Two follow up sessions in the fall quarter:

October (TBA): Intro to Instructional Design & Technology (3 units)*

November (TBA): E-Portfolios(1 unit)*

(*coursework will have an additional online component)

Two follow-up sessions in the winter quarter:

February (TBA): Block-based Programming (2 units)*

March (TBA): Design Thinking & Tinkering (2 units)*

(*coursework will have an additional online component)

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