The Hoot Owl

Oak Ridge Elementary September 8 Version

Welcome to ORE!

My name is Tami Eldridge and I am privileged to be the principal at this amazing school! I am entering my seventh year as principal here. I am very excited about the beginning of school as it marks the start of things new, and this year especially. As we begin the 20 - 21 school year virtually, we are going to need your assistance in getting your child engaged in learning.

As we look forward to the school year, we want to ensure all parents that we will do our best to meet the needs of all students no matter whether your child is participating via distance learning or face to face learning. Building a partnership with you and your child is the best way that we can ensure success in the learning process. I want to encourage you to work with your child's teacher to build a relationship, work at home with your child, and commit to making the 20-21 a year to remember because of the success of learning!

Here's to a great as we forge new territory and create a success story for all!


We will be taking school shirt and face mask orders online this year. The link is provided below. While face masks are not required for students under the age of 10, they are strongly encouraged.


Please note that our school starts at 8:00 a.m. Doors will open at 7:30 a.m. We ask that parents not leave children at the door prior to 7:30 as they will be unsupervised.

Tardy is 8:01 a.m. If your child is tardy to school, you will need to park and walk your child to the front office and check them into school.

School ends at 3:10 p.m. Dismissal procedures will begin at approximately 3:13 p.m. If you must pick your child up early for an appointment, you need to get them before 2:45 p.m.


Students within the one mile radius of the school are not eligible for bus service. If you live outside that one mile radius and your child needs bus service, you must register them for transportation on the district's main website at If your child goes to an address other than your home, you MUST complete an Alternate Address form. This form can be obtained from the front office and must be returned to the front office.


Policy states that all PK/Kinder students must be met by an adult when dropped off at their stops. This year, the adult present will have a sign with the child's name on it much like car rider signs. If no adult is present at the stop, the child will be returned to school and the parent or other designee will have to come to school to pick up the child.


Please note that buses run extremely late both to and from school the first week or two of school. Please be patient when waiting on your child. The reason they run late is that the drivers are learning the routes and ensuring the right adult is at the stop to pick up the PK/Kinder students. The same will be true for car rider line. Students will be learning the procedures of car rider as well as responding immediately to their name and heading to the correct number.


We have a very structured car rider line and once we get past the first couple of weeks of school, the line moves rather quickly. With the recent experiences with COVID and the new expectations, our car rider line will look different so please make a note of these changes.


With social distancing and an effort to keep all safe and healthy, parents will not be allowed to park and walk students to the doors of the school. All students must be dropped off through the car rider line. In order to help expedite the process, we will be dividing our line into two drop off areas. The main line will be the same as before, enter the line from Oak Ridge School Road or our main driveway, follow it around the southeast parking lot area and circle the island with the large tree in it. All students will be dropped off at the front of the building and will be directed or walked to their classrooms. The car rider line will begin at 7:30 a.m. and will move quickly. Historically, the line is shortest between about 7:40 - 7:50.


Afternoon car rider line will flip to the north end of our building, typically where buses are in the afternoon. In order to help control the line, we are going to ask you follow these directions:

*Enter the car rider line from our main entrance, turn left toward the back of the building and join the line. If the line is past the playground, you will need to turn right, go around the driveway and join the line at the end. Do not stay at the stop sign and wait for the line to start moving. We will be directing the line at the beginning of the year and then periodically throughout as needed.


In order to be a walker/bike rider, students must live within the one mile radius and therefore, not be eligible for bus service. If you do not live within that one mile radius, your child will not be dismissed as a walker/bike rider. Students will be walked to the cul de sac where they can meet up with parents. If parents are not present by 3:20, students will be walked back to the school and parents will have to use the car rider line in order to pick up the child. You will not be allowed to walk over and pick up your child due to social distancing guidelines.


With school starting virtually, we are going to follow suit and do Meet the Teacher virtually. Your child will be notified of who his/her teacher will be via email. You will be invited to join the teacher on a Zoom call (a few options will be provided) so that you and your child can meet your new teacher and learn expectations. Please make it important to join your child's teacher at one of these Zoom calls in order to start building the relationship with the teacher.


The student handbook can be accessed online at under the Parent/Student tab. Once you establish a Parent Access account, there is a place to electronically sign that you have reviewed the handbook. Please take time to create that account, if you have not already done so, and then sign electronically that you have reviewed the handbook. If you would like a paper copy of the handbook, please drop by the front office and notify us of that. We will be happy to get you a paper copy with a receipt form.


All communication from the school will be electronic this school year. In order to stay well informed, please ensure that the campus has your most current email address on file.


Joining our parent/teacher organization is a great way to get involved in helping keep our school great. Membership is $5 per family. This year, based upon guidelines, all of our PTO meetings will be held virtually via Zoom. We hope this provides an opportunity for more folks to become involved that in previous years.

We are currently looking for great folks who can fill some open officer positions:

Vice President


Member at Large


Each year, in order to volunteer at ORE, parents and other family members must complete a volunteer application with the district. Please take time to complete that using the link below.


The cost of breakfast and lunch has remained the same as last year. The cost of breakfast is $1.50 and the lunch price is $3.00. Child Nutrition has an online system for parents to apply money to their child's account. The system website is Parents with existing accounts will receive an email directly from the company with information. Parent will need to create a new account if you do not already have one. There will be a $1.95 charge per credit card transaction.


Just a reminder that Free/Reduced lunch status must be applied for yearly. The sooner you apply will hopefully ensure no interruption. You can apply online at the following link If you need assistance, Virginia Vera, PEIMS/registrar, will be happy to assist you.