Tech Tips Thursday

With Mrs. Hirabayashi

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Go Green!

Paper. It is a part of a teacher's life. Planners, worksheets, post-it notes, essays, and what happens when you need something the most? The printer is out of paper!

With all the technology at our disposal, we continue to go through a lot of paper in a day. This week we will look at a couple of ways we can reduce the amount of paper (and printer ink) we use in our school.

The purpose of this site is to make web pages more print friendly by removing advertisements, images, and even delete parts of an article you don't need. You can use the home page or add the bookmarklet to your web browser and access the print friendly option from the site you are on. The other useful parts of Print Friendly are the options to save the information as a PDF or email it to someone. This is a great tool for students, especially when they are involved in a research project. Print Friendly will save a ton of paper and ink.
Add PrintFriendly to Internet Explorer

Printing Tips!

Get to Know Your Printer Get to know the printing properties of the printer you are sending your work to. Work your way from the top of the printing screen to the bottom. Double check to make sure the pages you are printing are just the way you like them.

Preview Documents Before Printing. Proofread documents on screen before printing. Don't forget to use the speller/grammar function to detect errors.

Color or Black and White? Select Printer Properties to change the document to color if desired. If you don't need it in color, skip to the next step!

Print 2-2 Sided This is a default setting on most of our printers. When appropriate, print your documents on both sides. Change it to 1-1 sided if needed.

Print Only the Pages You Need. You just got a really cute packet off of Pinterest, but you only plan on using pages 2, 3, 4, 7 and 15. Our printers provide the option to print specific pages. If you are unsure how to do this, just ask!

Email More Use e-mail for forms, documents and faxes. Think carefully before printing electronic information. Organize and save it so it is easy to look up. This way you won't need to make hard copy files of important information.

Pick Up Make sure to retrieve your documents from the printers - ESPECIALLY if they are secure or confidential documents.

Have Questions?

Just Ask! I'm happy to help you learn how to use the printers in our building.

Mrs. Hirabayashi - Technology Literacy