Conserving Household Water

Save water

Examples On How To Save Water

-Shower for ten minutes or less

-Don't leave the tap running while brushing your teeth

- Use one glass to drink water through out the whole family

-Don't flush the toilet after you use the washroom

-Do laundry in cold water

The Benifits To The Environment

-Saves money

-Protects drinking resources

-Minimizes water pollution and health risks

-Saves energy used to pump,heat and treat water

Harms To The Environment If Proper Measures Are Not Taken

Good for you and Good for the environment

why I think conserving water is important

The reason why I think conserving water I'm your household is Important is because it's beneficial for you and the environment. It's beneficial for you because your saving money. It's beneficial for the environment because your not creating water pollution.