Kennedy 5/6 Combo Class

September 19, 2014


We have been doing a great job of getting back into the swing of things in our classroom. For the most part, our class remembers to SOAR by being quiet and safe. We do still have a few areas with room for improvement though. We are trying to get started with our learning soon after the morning bell rings. Our day is very busy, and we don't have time to waste. So we are working on getting lunch choice made, homework turned in, and supplies ready before the morning announcements.


This week the fifth graders have continued to work on factors and multiples. We have been learning about the divisibility rules for numbers, such as an even number is always divisible by 2 and numbers that are divisibility by 5 always end in 5 or 0. We have also been learning about square numbers and square roots.

The 6th graders have continued to work with a variety of graphs to show information from data sets. We learned about box-and-whiskers plots this week in addition to reviewing line graphs and bar graphs. We have also continued working with landmark numbers such as mean, median, and mode.


This week, we completed the Development Reading Assessments. These assessments measure students comprehension levels or their reading understanding. We have also started learning and practicing the reading strategies that we will use when we begin our book units.

Social Studies

​In sixth grade social studies this week, we have been learning about the five fundamental themes of geography: location, place, region, movement, and human-environment interaction. Students have a project to show how those themes fit with a particular location. Their project is due on Monday for students in group A and on Tuesday for students in group B.

In fifth grade social studies we wrapped up our quick review of why we have government and laws. Each class created a class constitution with learners' rights and responsibilities. We will be starting to study the Native American peoples next week.


5th grade- This week we have started our unit on Ecosystems. We have talked the about the differences between carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. The students have learned how to look at an animals teeth, eye position, and paws to identify the type.

6th grade- This week we have started our unit on Weather and Climate. The students learned the difference between weather and climate.


This week in writing we worked on parts of speech. We reviewed nouns, pronouns, proper nouns, plural nouns, and singular nouns. On Thursday we started reviewing contractions. Students are now expected to use these correctly when writing sentences. Next week we will start writing more complex sentences and work on more parts of speech.