Extreme Jealousy

"I just can't keep letting you see other people, alright?!"

Definition of Extreme Jealousy

Extreme Jealousy in an Abusive Relationship is defined as a huge lack of trust from the Abuser to the Victim. An Abuser will inquire about many aspects of his or her Victim's life, including about who they're talking to. Also, whenever a Victim spends time with someone other than the Abuser, the Abuser will become angry and worried.

Effects of Extreme Jealousy on the Victim

As the Abuser becomes more desperate for power, he or she may begin to prevent the Victim from seeing other people entirely. This includes an alienation from family and friends and a prevention from going to work or school. The Abuser may also randomly call or "check in" on the Victim, to assure that that he or she is not seeing someone that they shouldn't be.

Any outside interaction on the part of the Victim disturbs the Abuser, causing him or her to accuse the Victim of flirting with others, or having an affair.