18 Chapters of Life

Author Lesley Villalobos


I am from Saturday morning cartoons

and Sunday night football.

From mailboxes in the street and flowers

in the front yard.

I am from pupusas for lunch

and “arroz con leche” for dessert.

From watching T.V as a family

then arguing with my siblings.

I am from playing with toys

and cars and ignoring dolls.

From chasing my little cousins and playing with them.

I am from a unique family.

A Helping Hand

I realized a few days ago that I indeed want to become a Texas educator. My dream job is to become a teacher and I owe this desire to Ms.Sosa; my role model. It was in that moment that I knew I was making the right decision in pursuing education as my career. Many of my current teachers also have influenced me into choosing education as a career pathway, but she has had the most impact in my life. She enjoys what she does and has a positive influence on her students. She doesn't do it for the paycheck or vacation she does it because she loves the reward of seeing her students grow like flowers and see how her presence as an educator has helped them expand.

Ms.Sosa teaches the courses Human Growth and Child Guidance, she was my teacher my sophomore year. She taught me many things that I considered very useful to the outside world. She always had her door open to any student that had any issues she was willing to stay after school hours just to give us advice or solutions regarding our problems. Ms Sosa has been there for me in a very spiritual way strengthening my love with Him. She has showed me the path I've desperately have been wanting to fine, yet could never find it. She is selfless and loving, she is an angel sent from God to help me find my true meaning to this world. She is not afraid or embarrassed to talk about her religion that to me is very admirable. She was not just a teacher she was a helping hand. She has overcome many adversities dealing with personal troubles, but she never let it get into her way of teaching. She was always positive and demonstrated what a true educator should be. She is also returning to school to complete her masters; not a lot of teachers return to grow in their profession. She wants to grow more and expands her roots of knowledge even more. Ms. Camila Sosa is strong, responsible, and an over achiever; she goes above and beyond, and that is why she is my role model.

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Unconditional Love

A mother is not someone who gives birth to her child, she is someone that loves.

She loves her child even when she broke her favorite flower vase while playing catch with her brothers.

She loves her child even when she came home with a yellow smile face on her weekly behavior report.

She loves her child even when she lied about doing her homework.

She loves her child even when she talked back to her for the first time.

She loves her child even when she broke her trust and lied to her.

She loves her child even when she purposely did exactly what her mother told her NOT to do.

She loves her child for graduating in the top 10% of her class

She loves her child for all the accomplishments that she has achieved.

She loves her child even though she is growing up and becoming a beautiful rose,

She has unconditional love for her child even for all the flaws that she may have.

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Dreams & Goals

“This university is amazing, I definitely want to come here after I graduate.” I thought the year we took a trip to Denton. Five years have passed and I still think University of North Texas is where I belong.

I picked University of North Texas as my future school because I fell in love with it, the time I visited the building. The campus is magnificent and the locations is perfect. It is further from my home town Irving, Texas but not too far. I want to go to a school where I can learn to be independent from my parents.The school spirit is amazing at UNT and I would love to be a part of the tradition. My positive attitude and energy would be a great contribution to the student body, I fit in this community like a ring fits on a finger. Also the education program at your school is very well rounded. My career I plan on pursuing is becoming a teacher or counselor, and Denton meets the requirements and classes.

My short term goals right now are to graduate with honors in the top 10% of my class, make it to playoffs in volleyball, and get as many scholarships as possible. Currently I am located in the top 10% of my class and I need to keep my grades up to stay there. My long term goals are to graduate from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Foreign Language or get a Bachelor's degree in Family and Consumer science. I am interested in these two careers because some of my favorite teachers in high school inspired me to become a future educator.

I have done a little research and I have found that UNT is ranked high for their education program and that is exactly what I need. UNT has given me the opportunity to make my dreams come true through grants and scholarships. It has given me the tools I need to continue building my bridge to reach my goals. I'm ready to tackle college.
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Broken Glass

Transitioning to a new school with new people was something I was looking forward to yet terrified me all at the same time. Leaving the childish actions in the past and entering high school. I was already somewhat familiar with the school because I was a part of the volleyball team. Which gave me the upper hand that other incoming freshmen did not have. I walked in the school looking at new faces, from different races and different ages. This was going to be the beginning of the broken glass..

Meeting new people is a good and a bad thing as well. Me being energetic and far from shy, I was talking to every person that seemed nice. Figuring out what school they were from and just getting to know someone. One of my new “friends” intrigued me, little did I know that he would be the cause of my broken heart. He was different funny, determined to get what he wanted, and his target was me. The task wasn't easy but eventually I was head over heels for my “friend”. We talked from sunrise to sunset, I gave him a part of myself that I had never shared with anyone else. He made me feel like a child in a candy store. His sweet words was like a sweet melody to my ears. It was rainbows and butterflies until things started to change.

We began to argue over little things, yet we made up everytime. Each argument escalating to a whole different level. The word “sorry” eventually lost it’s meaning. Eventually we separated and that was the first time my glass was shattered. I had decided to shut my doors for him forever. A few months passed and my “friend” was at the front door again and I let him in again. Things seemed like they were going to work out, but he broke my glass even more. The agonizing pain was back, the glass cracking and popping some more. He left and I was left alone with my broken glass once again.

TIme passed and I was putting the glass back together when I open the door for my friend once again. Hard headed as I am I made myself think “this time it could work, this time it would be different.” But was I wrong. My “friend” completely shattered the glass and that was the last straw. I shut my doors completely and never opened them again. Still the glass is getting repaired with the help of Him. High school was definitely a part of my life I won't forget it is where I endured my first broken glass.
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People have fears spiders, snakes, and even clowns

but being dark and alone shuts my will to live down.

My fear began one spring day in the parking lot of my school,

my mother had forgotten about me and that wasn't cool.

I was sitting there waiting, crying a river,

the cars would pass and i would quiver and shiver.

The sun slowly faded away saying bye,

and slowly the moon came to say hi.

Eventually my mom came and I was saved,

but this experience marked my life, tattooed in my memories it stayed.

My fear is dormant until the sun says bye and the moon is high in the sky,

my fear comes to life and all i want to do is hide.

This fear of loneliness will never leave,

it'll forever be alive that I'll never able to weave.

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We have been born in our mothers womb like butterfly lays an egg.

We grow at a fast paste in our infant days like a caterpillar grown when it hatches from the egg.

We grow and change a little more in our teen years like a caterpillar hatches from its cocoon.

We our at the point where we are now adults going into the real world, like a caterpillar transforms into butterfly ready to fly.

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